DT Systems Border Patrol TC1

DT Systems Border Patrol TC1

For all your dog training issues, no matter how drastically different they may be, it seems like DT Systems has a penchant for being able to provide trainers and dog owners alike with the perfect solutions right on time. The DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 is the first ever completely and truly wireless containment system for your K-9 companion that relies on Global Positioning System technology. Gone are the days where you had to be worried about your dog straying too far away from you while you are at the farm or if you are out camping in the woods. The DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 is the perfect solution for an electrical fence without the need of any wires.

It gets better. The DT Systems Border Control TC1 is not just a simple electrical fence system. The unit also comes with an e-collar that has a range of 2 miles. There are several features which make the DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 one of the better dog training solutions out there. It gives you several options when it comes to the stimulation that the e-collar provides your K-9. The stimulation levels are adjustable to over 50 different levels. That combined with options of nick, continuous or jump stimulations allows you to adjust the stimulation based on the temperament of your dog. The FenceView tracking capabilities that the DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 has makes it a complete dog training and control system for you to use in any kind of situation.

DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 There are a lot of features that are notable with the DT Systems Border Patrol TC1. The e-fence range, which you can assign a center point to, has a more than adequate range of 800 yards. Before providing the stimulation to your dog for going out of bounds of the e-fence, there is an ample amount of warning beeps and vibrations so that there is no unnecessary stimulation to your favorite dog. The Welcome Home feature makes for a particularly rewarding experience for your beloved dog since it will allow your dog to come back to the defined safe area without the need of any kind of correction. Providing that little bit of incentive might not seem like a lot to you but it will be very convincing for the dog to return back to the safe zone even in the most distracting circumstances.

The handheld transmitter comes with a backlit LCD screen so that you can see all the information about the battery levels and the e-fence waypoints right in the same place. The Lithium-ion batteries provide a long battery life to both the transmitter and to the collar. This battery also allows for rapid recharging capabilities. If you want to track more dogs at the same time, you can purchase the add-on collars for up to 5 dogs through a single transmitter unit in the DT Systems Border Patrol TC1.

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