Experience the Power of DOGTRA 1900 Series

Hunting can be a rewarding, exciting and extremely satisfying outdoor activity.

The addition good hunting partners both two legged and four legged make it even better!

And most hunters will agree that hunting with a well-trained and well-bred hunting dog takes the sport to another whole level.

Once you have the proper dog, excellent training and the proper training tools are the key to unleashing your dogs potential.

DOGTRA 1900 Series training collar gives you one of the most important tools in your dog training tool bag to turn your gun dog into an exceptional hunting partner!

Let’s take a look at a few of its prominent features!


Train Your Gun Dog with DOGTRA 1900 Series Anyone who has used DOGTRA 1900 NCP will find DOGTRA 1900 Series quite familiar. It has a unique design and upgraded features for better performance.

With its new technology, you can train your dog within a range of about ¾ mile. You can take your dog on a hunting trip that covers a larger area.

Additionally, if it rains, you won’t have to worry about getting disconnected from your dog. The waterproof LCD of DOGTRA 1900 Series will continue to display the level of stimulation and the remaining charge of its battery even when it’s wet. You will be able to check the functionality of the collar in any unforeseen situation.

It also contains a High Performance Pager.

Key Features of the DOGTRA 1900 Series Design

It is slim enough to fit onto your dog’s neck. It has been designed specifically for dogs that weigh at least 35 pounds.

The handheld transmitter with the collar has a checkered grip for your convenience.

It has a rheostat/volume style. Its stimulation levels are 0~127.

It has a ‘Nick’ and ‘Constant’ stimulation.

You can switch between low and high stimulation.

Its batteries charge within 2 hours.

How does DOGTRA 1900 Series Create Convenience for You?

It is the latest in the market for training gun dogs. You will feel increased coordination with your dog as soon as your dog starts training with it.

Its batteries are made with lithium polymer which guarantees prolonged life of the batteries. As a result, the performance of the collar stays sharp for just as long!

Additional accessories with DOGTRA 1900 Series include the receiver with the standard 5/8″contact points, owner’s manual, test light, a belt clip and a black lanyard.

The collar, transmitter, batteries, LCD and other accessories with DOGTRA 1900 Series come in a gear bag. Dogtra provides a 2-year warranty for DOGTRA 1900 Series. You can have it repaired within this period by sending it back to us!

Make the Best Choice for Your Gun Dog!

Use DOGTRA 1900 Series to make your dog an extraordinary hunter. Visit our website to get exact pricing, discounts and exclusive offers for this amazing tool and many others like it!