Garmin Pro Series (PRO 70, PRO 550, and Trashbreaker) Review

Garmin Pro Series (PRO 70, PRO 550, and Trashbreaker) Review


So, we are looking at the models PRO 70, PRO 550, and Trashbreaker from the Garmin PRO Series e-Collars. Garmin has basically worked to enhance the PRO line with added features while lowering down the prices on two of the three models and has streamlined the choices.

The Garmin PRO Series

The Garmin PRO Series

1.      Garmin PRO  550

  1. Substitutes the Field 90, Flyway Special, PRO 100/200/500 and Upland Special
  2. It is the best of the PRO Series
  3. Has 3 additional levels of STIM on the top-end
  4. Vibration mode

2.      Garmin PRO  Trashbreaker

  • Substitutes the Trashbreaker G3.
  • Now has double the range, 4 miles
  • Now expandable to control up to 9 dogs
  • Comes with the new high-visibility color scheme

3.      Garmin PRO  70

  • Substitutes the Tri-Tronics Classic 70
  • Save some dollars off the price of the old Classic 70
  • The best part is that the new features don’t botch-up the simple, one-handed operation so you can remain focused on your dog’s training without having to look at the transmitter

What’s the same?

  • The appearance and texture of transmitter
  • A one-handed operation that the Tri-Tronics Field and PRO units have had for ages

Same Transmitter Design

The handheld transmitters are almost the same as previous ones with an exception of a few changes that are limited to its looks.

  • The toggle switch, dial, and buttons have the same texture/feel
  • Same placement of the above-mentioned gear on the transmitter
  • Quick selection of the right dog
  • Quick rise and fall of the stimulation levels as needed
  • You don’t have to take your eyes off the dog to look at the transmitter

Collar Design
While the collar has user-replaceable contact points, the overall design is a little different. The collar also incorporates regular and long probes so you can choose which is best-suited to your dog’s coat.

New Features of the PRO  70, PRO  550, and Trashbreaker Models:

Each of the new PRO  systems has:

  • An in-built bark collar
  • White beacon lights that are controlled from the transmitter
  • Lighter and smaller Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Somewhat smaller collar/receivers with 3/4-inch collar straps

Remote Control Beacon Lights on Collar

  • The white beacon lights are turned on from the transmitter
  • Locate your dog in the dark easily with the lights
  • Provides good safety for the dog if it crosses any roads
  • Enables the approaching traffic to help see your dog in the dark
  • A visibility of up to 100 yards

Lithium-ion Batteries

  • The batteries charge fast and weight lesser than the other old batteries
  • The Lithium-Ion batteries are user-replaceable
  • The batteries are present both in the transmitter and the collar receiver

Built-In Bark Limiter

  • Each of the three units has a built-in Bark Limiter. You can turn the training collar into a bark collar by altering the on and button on the same collar. When the collar is in the bark mode, the light you see on the collar will turn blue.

Perfect for dog owners like:

  • Nocturnal hunters who like going out in the dark
  • Early morning duck hunters while putting out decoys
  • Bird and rabbit hunters who go out towards the end of the day
  • Dog owners who are fond of walking their dogs at night

On the whole, the Garmin PRO Series is amazing with all the new features and lowered prices. Make a purchase today!