Roy Gonia MEGA Whistle with Lanyard

MEGA Whistle with Lanyard

Roy Gonia MEGA Whistle with Lanyard is designed specifically for the sensitivity of the dogs hearing.

Excellent for long-range control.

You and your hunting, and training partners will appreciate the use of a MEGA whistle while training and especially while hunting. Perfect for hunting, trailing, or training. Projects the shrill trill of the Roy Gonia Special while protecting the handler's ears. Excellent for long-range control.

The Roy Gonia MEGA Whistle with Lanyard is hand crafted and has been employed to train more hunting champions than any other brand of whistle.

Your training cohorts and follow hunters will enjoy using the Gonia MEGA whistle for training and in the field while hunting.

Features - The Roy Gonia MEGA Whistle with Lanyard

  • Features the easy to blow design for comfort.
  • Used to train more field champions than any other whistle.
  • Lower-pitched sound carries farther while training or in the field.
  • Directs sound forward, protecting handler’s ears.
  • Whistle that is perfect for hunting, training and trailing

Used by both professional trainers and knowledgeable amateurs throughout the world for all breeds of hunting and working dogs. Obedience training, whistle training or field training, it is the best in the business.

Includes high quality rawhide lanyard, made in USA.

MEGA Whistle with Lanyard uses the best cowhide lace available because of its consistency and tanning process. Alum-tanned* lace is denser, firmer, and stronger than chrome-tanned lace. This premium grade lace offers maximum strength and minimal stretch. This is the type of lace used by manufacturers of sporting goods such as baseball gloves and lacrosse sticks. This lace is tanned to last for years. You will not be disappointed.

*Alum-tanned - a method of tanning with aluminum salts (alum). It is a naturally occurring double salt, but which is also artificially produced. ... After tanning with alum, the dried leather is stiff and firm. To make it softer, the leather is then tumbled and greased, Resulting in superior tanned leather of maximum strength with minimal stretch.


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