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DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400

At DT Systems Dogs are our passion. For 30 years passion has pushed us to develop the finest dog training products available. Enter the new DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400 the latest in E-collar technology and ergonomic design. Through years of research, field experience, feedback from our Pro-Trainers and dog owners just like you, D.T. Systems has created a true technological advancement that will no doubt change the face of the industry and the way e-collars are used in dog training. The highlight of the system is the unique "hands-free" design of the remote transmitter - and it's designed for left or right-handed operation. The new Patented "Rapid Access" total control button is easily accessible for instantaneous correction of your dog and our patented "Suregrip" strap securely holds the unit in place - freeing up your hands for other activities....like hunting with a gun, operating a hand-held dummy launcher, carrying decoy bags, shining a light, etc. This unit is perfect for joggers who need the convenience of keeping hands free while running. And law enforcement will love this handy transmitter design. .

The compact design offers worry-free operation and the downsized collar unit means freedom of movement for your dog in the field.

Don't worry about range, as this collar boasts over a 1,400 yard reach and includes our exclusive Maxx Range 360 technology to ensure positive FM signal reception, no matter the terrain.

Also no need to worry about the weather as the DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400 boasts full waterproof capability in both the Collar and the Transmitter. As an added bonus, the Transmitter also floats just in case it ever goes overboard.

The Gentle Touch feature--with 16 levels of stimulation--adjusts with the touch of a finger and ensures you will always have the proper setting for your dog's unique personality. And our Vibration Assist lends a helping hand in the form of an audible vibration. The vibration is emitted from the collar to aid in training for a no-shock alternative stimulus.

The SmartLED on the collar unit gives you battery and charge status and this unit expands to a 3-dog system with Add-On collars (sold separately).

The New DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400 is the result of over 30 years of experience researching, producing, and field testing the best E-collars in the business.

D.T. Systems...Dog Tested...Dog Tough...Since 1983.

Features - DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400

  • Patented, Revolutionary Curved Transmitter Design & Function
  • "Knuckle Grip" - On back of hand to free up both hands and have a quick, no look button
  • "Palm Grip" - In palm of hand holding like a stopwatch
  • "Pistol Grip" - More traditional hold with thumb operating most buttons and trigger finger on the top button
  • Transmitter is designed for left or right-handed operation
  • Rapid Access button programmable to be Nick (default), Continuous, or Vibrate Assist
  • Expandable to 3 dogs (extra collars sold separately)
  • 1400 yard range
  • 16 intensity levels
  • Nick, Continuous, Vibration Assist, and Jump Stimulations
  • MAXX-Range 360 Internal Antenna System
  • Gentle Touch Stimulation
  • New, compact collar unit
  • Waterproof collar and Waterproof FLOATING transmitter
  • Rechargeable NiMH collar battery
  • Replaceable 9V transmitter battery
  • SmartLED collar battery life and charge status
  • Transmitter "Lockout" feature to prevent accidental stimulation
  • Transmitter: 4-1/2" x 2-1/8" x 1" and 3.8 oz
  • Collar/Receiver: 2-5/8" x 2" x 1-1/2" and 4.7 oz (with strap)

Since 1983, D.T. Systems has been bringing quality products to the dog training industry that are designed to withstand the roughest treatment and the toughest conditions. Durability and dependability are things you can count on when you use your D.T. gear.

At D.T., dogs and hunting are their passion. That passion has pushed development of the finest dog training products available. Many years of research, field experience, feedback from our Pro-Trainers and dog owners just like you, have led D.T. Systems down a path of creating quality products that are reliable and dependable whenever and wherever you intend to use them. Each and every day, a hardcore Pro-Staff team puts D.T. equipment through some of the toughest conditions imaginable. Day in and day out, year after year, they depend on D.T. products for a living, where failure is not an option and reliable equipment is a must.

This tradition of quality is balanced by ground-breaking innovations and new “cutting edge” technology. D.T. Systems has led the industry by introducing Digital Microcomputer Technology, as well as intensity levels adjustable from the transmitter, features that are now standards in the industry. We also were the first to offer the Vibration Assist feature, our 360° MAXX-Range Internal Antenna System, and have developed the revolutionary Jump Stimulation feature.

D.T. Systems is fully committed to providing their customers with quality products that are extremely durable, reliable, and always simple to understand and operate. Their goal is to help you create lifelong memories with your best friend.

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