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Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Extra Collar


Pathfinder Mini extra or replacement collar

Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Extra Collar, extra collar for use with Pathfinder Mini - can also be used with Pathfinder. Supports tracking and training on your existing Pathfinder or Pathfinder Mini system.

Offers "nick" and "constant" stimulation options as well as audible tone. Fully waterproof.  LED Beacon & Locator light.

Choose collar straps in Black, Blue, Green, or Orange.

22% smaller than original Pathfinder collar


Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Track - Train Collar


Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Track - Train Collar Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Track - Train Collar is the Smarter way to Map, Track and Train - In addition the Pathfinder Mini brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone, giving you a more intelligent and responsive way to track and train your dogs.

Like all PATHFINDER products, the PATHFINDER MINI connects via satellite to the PATHFINDER GPS Connector with a market leading 2-second update rate.  The GPS Connector is paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth (does not require cellular data) to relay the dog's and user's location, promising the most accurate, to-the-minute location tracking in its field.

The Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Track - Train Collar uses Google Maps™ along with an Offline Maps mode and is available to use without data, perfect for rural areas with no or poor cellular signal.  Created to be 22% smaller than the original PATHFINDER GPS collars, beagle and other small-breed dog owners can expect the same accurate and high-response tracking abilities while in the field, but now in a compact version.

Equipped with a 4-mile range, handlers can feel confident ensuring their dog's travels will always be tracked using the multiple map views. The MINI features a ¾" strap width which is designed to be more proportional to beagles and small-breed dogs, allowing them to work harder without distraction from the added bulk of traditional e-collars.

Along with the advanced e-collar functions including Nick/Constant stimulation, an Audible Tone and Bark Indicator, the Pathfinder Mini e-collar Collar also comes with new Beacon & Locate LED Light which allows dogs to be easily seen in the dark.  As well as the e-collar function can be disabled per user preference.

Track up to 21 dogs or hunters, share locations, playback data, and create customizable Geo-Fence alerts.

No cellular data is required (other than to initially download the app - no data is needed after the app is downloaded).  Just download the free maps and operate your smartphone in offline map mode.  Unlike other GPS e-collars, there are no extra navigation packages to purchase. You have access to Google Maps with satellite and terrain views.

Designed to meet Dogtra's legendary standard for quality, the Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Track - Train Collar is for serious dog trainers and owners who demand the most in working, hunting, and competition dogs.


  • Smartphone GPS Tracking and Training (no cellular data required)
  • Full e-collar functions, including Nick and Contstant stimulation
  • Audible Tone
  • Detailed satellite and terrain views by Google Maps
  • Offline map mode
  • Two-second update rate for greater tracking accuracy
  • Map zoom capability for superior tracking detail
  • Compass mode
  • Tracking only mode with verifiable data and secure contact point covers
  • Geo-Fence and alert options let you customize boundaries and receive notifications
  • Easy location sharing for dogs and owners
  • Expandable to 21 additional GPS collars and/or Pathfinder users (purchase of additional collars required)
  • History playback on your smartphone and computer
  • 4-mile line-of-sight range to cover your most active runner
  • Fully waterproof for use in all environments
  • Long-lasting, rapid-charge lithium polymer batteries
  • Custom alerts for dog actions using pop-ups, sound, and vibration
  • Rheostat volume with stimulation levels 1-100
  • Dog unit is 22% smaller than the original Pathfinder collar
  • LED Beacon & Locate lights allow you to see your dog in the dark

What's in the Box

  • Dogtra Pathfinder Mini Extra Collar
  • Black, Blue, Green or Orange


See more see better with the mini


Why Dogtra?

Leading dog trainers with appropriate training tools are the key to unleashing your dog’s possibilities. For over three decades, Dogtra has collaborated with sector professionals to create class-leading tools for e-collar training, GPS Monitoring, and ball training to support canine owners in establishing excellent canines. Trusted by professional dog trainers, K-9 security personnel, and hunters, Dogtra improves your training journey with outstanding training products, developed with patented precise and intuitive control, to ensure the very best experience.

Give Dogtra a try, and together we can make every dog phenomenal.

Make every dog exception


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