Command Lead

Also known as Wonder Lead

A number of years ago Delmar Smith developed the concept for the Wonder Lead or Command Lead as it well-known today. For several years all types of dogs, trained for many uses have been educated with the aid of the Command Lead. The easy springing cue and release action rapidly has pets heeling calmly close to their trainer or owner. The Command Lead is used by professional trainers, bird dog owners and pet dog owners alike. The Command Lead is used my many trainers to educate dogs as well as dog owners alike. Most achieve 100% success mentoring dogs to heel on a loosened lead making use of the Command Lead. This is a wonderful training device!

Rick and Ronnie Smith of HuntSmith have incorporated the use of the Command Lead into their Silent Command dog training system for many years. The Silent Command system has been successfully adopted by many professional and amateur dog trainers alike. The Silent Command system is made up several stages one succeeding the other after meeting the goals of each stage. The Command Lead comes directly after the dog has successfully learned to sit quietly and calmly while on stake out.

The stake out has established the beginning development of a point of contact – the neck. It also has given the dog ability to be calm while being retained as well as sitting or standing quietly while being restrained at the point of contact on the neck.

Furthermore, the lead and the constraint of it shows the dog to tune in to us and go along with us at any kind of speed in any kind of direction. The dog learns to be attentive as well as take direction from the individual holding the lead, which ultimately transfers to the dog going with us off lead using our body language it learned while on the lead. To put it simply, the dog surrenders to our lead as well as acknowledges us as pack leader.

The entire process, from the first stage to last is all about the dog learning to turn off stimulation. The entire process, when successful leading the introduction and proper use of the E-Collar.

It is not hard to find many professional and amateur dog trainers that consider the command lead to be the most useful piece of dog training equipment they own. The Command Lead, you can train a dog without it, but it will make the process easier, more efficient and results will be better with it!

Using the Command Lead*  (Also known as Wonder Lead)|gun dog outfitter|dog training|dog lead        |gun dog outfitter|dog training|dog lead

Correct                                      Incorrect

  • First, it needs to be put on correctly. Open the loop so it will slip cleanly over your dog’s head. The knot needs to be on the side closest to you-if your dog is going to be walking on your left side, the knot will be on the right side of the dog’s neck.|gun dog outfitter|dog training|dog lead


  • Work your dog on leading on your off-gun side, as that’s where you’ll want our dog to lead when carrying a shotgun.|gun dog outfitter|dog training|dog lead                             |gun dog outfitter|dog training|dog lead

  • Two stoppers are on the lead. One is made of rubber and is meant as an to keep the lead from slipping off the dog’s head. It should never be adjusted snugly. The other stopper is made from leather, positioned at the tail end of the lead. Used as a holding point and prevents the rope from slipping through your fingers.
  • With the dog standing (or sitting, depending on the breed) quietly slip the lead on correctly. Do not force the lead on or put it on if your dog chooses to move. Adjust the lead so it is up high, directly behind the dog’s skull.
  • If the stopper is used, it should be a few inches below the knot. There is a groove just behind the dog’s ears that this lead fits into nicely, and it will have the desired effect positioned in this spot.|gun dog outfitter|dog training|dog lead

  • It’s time to begin leading your dog. The number one thing to remember at this critical time is use a light hand! There is no reason to jerk the dog off its feet or otherwise lose your cool, so be in the right frame of mind when you begin working with the command lead.

* We recommend wearing cloves win using the Command Lead.

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