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Check Cord Training Aid

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In every dog's training, there comes a time to ask the dog to work out away from us at a distance. This is best accomplished gradually and in small steps using a valuable tool called The Check Cord Training Aid. Using a check cord gives us control over our dog's movement at an increasing distance, reinforcing how and where we want the dog to work when hunting in front of us. This is simply an extension of the training step involving the command lead. If the lead work was done thoroughly and correctly, and we've developed a point of contact on the dog's neck, then the check cord work will go easily. If it does not, it means more time is needed on the lead and development of the cue on the neck.

Check Cord Training Aid|gundogoutfitter.com|gun dog outfitters|Dog Training|Huntsmith So exactly what makes a piece of rope into a Check Cord Training Aid? The most important component is the rope. Ideally, a tightly woven nylon is used, and it will have some stiffness or "body" to it. This makes it easier to handle, since it won't tangle as much as soft rope, and the slight stiffness makes control of the rope work smoothly, especially at a distance. The diameter can be 3/8" or 7/16" depending on what feels good in your hand. Length is a matter of personal preference but should fall somewhere between twenty and twenty-five feet. The end that attaches to the collar will have a brass swivel snap tied in with a bowline knot. The swivel in the snap keeps the rope from twisting up, and the bowline knot puts a little weight in the rope, slightly away from the dog's collar, making the rope easier to maneuver when changing directions. The tail of the rope should be finished with a simple overhand knot to keep the rope from sliding through your hand.

The Gun Dog Outfitter Check Cord Training Aid meets the specs and features that make a quality check cord that will me another great training to in your dog training tool box. The are many check cords on the market that are nothing more than low quality rope. The Check Cord Training Aid from Gun Dog Outfitter is the real deal and will help to raise the level of your dog training abilities.

Check Cord Training Aid|gundogoutfitter.com|gun dog outfitters|Dog Training|Huntsmith


Click for article on Training with the Check Cord


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