Trijicon Riflescopes

Trijicon Riflescopes went hunting in 1998, leading to many products for the outdoor world. Today hunting optics from Trijicon are the best available.

Glyn Bindon a former Ford Motor company engineer is the founder. Glyn originated Trijicon after a chance meeting resulted in his launching Armson OEG sights in America.

In 1985 Glyn introduced the first tritium-reticle riflescope. Since. the company continued to grow, becoming a leader in Military optics.

Trijicon Riflescopes – Trijicon the name, where did it come from?

The meaning behind Trijicon is from the combination of two words: “Tritium” the key element in the company’s innovative illumination technology, and “icon” meaning a picture or image. The “j” was added to combine both words to form Trijicon.

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