5 Travel Essentials When Going Hunting With Your Dog

As fun as hunting maybe, if you are going with a dog, you need to take extra care. While you will be packing all the things you need for a successful hunt, you might be overwhelmed with many emotions. In this case, it is possible for you to forget about the travel essentials for your dog. If you are taking your hunting dog with you for hunting, you need to make sure you are packing the things that will keep it safe and healthy.

To make things easier for you, here are the things you need to take along when you are traveling with a dog.

  1. Travel Kennel

Letting your dog travel in the vehicle without having protection asking for trouble. Having a travel kennel in the backseat will make sure your dog stays safe while the car is moving. Moreover, these travel kennels will make sure your dog does not get into trouble in route to your destination, or when you are not there to watch it.

  1. Water and food

Making your dog switch its food can mess with its digestive system, which is why you need to make sure you are packing your dog’s normal food. Along with your dog’s food, you need to make sure you are taking fresh water from home as well. You need to understand that drinking water from many outdoor locations is not safe, because this water has different levels of sulfurchlorine etc. in it which may cause your dog’s digestive system problems. This is why you need to make sure it does not drink water from these sources.

  1. Collar and leash

When you are at the hunting location, it is important for you to have full control of your dog. This can be done by having your dog on a leash, so it does not run away if it spots other dogs or gets tempted to chase the traffic.

  1. First aid kit

Of course, when you are going on a hunting trip, your safety and your dog’s life should be on top of the priority list. A proper first aid kit should have medical tape, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, gauze wrap, blood stopping powder, scissors and more. Saline water is important so you can disinfect any wounds and other tools for things like removing any porcupine quills.

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  1. E-collars and whistle

The whistle you use for training should be the same whistle you take for hunting. Having a different whistle means different sounds, which can be hard for your dog to understand. In addition, having an e-collar is important as well so you can keep track of your dog at all times.

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