5 Hunting Dog Breeds

Dogs are one of the most popular pets because of how loveable they are. Apart from having them as pets, dogs are known as the most loyal companion for man and they make great hunting partners. However, if you want to get a dog that specializes in hunting, it is important to know that not all dogs are meant to become hunters. For example, can you imagine a Chihuahua helping you find game in the field? For this reason, it is important to be aware of what dog breed you need to buy because some dogs are known to be the best hunting collaborates.

Here are the dogs you will need to consider when buying adage for your hunting trips:


  • Labrador retriever


Just by its name, anyone can assume that this would be a great hunting dog. Although, almost all the retriever breeds would make great hunting dogs, Labradors are known as the “best hunting dog.” The reason for this is that Labradors are full of energy, they have a thick, cold proof coat that allows them to stay warm outdoors, and they are always willing to go to extensive lengths just so they can retrieve and help you hunt. Labradors are great for duck hunting, but they can help you with almost all types of hunts.


  • Beagle


Also referred to as the “iconic” hunting dog, beagles are great for hunting because they are energetic, they stay persistent, and they love to chase. Although, their short legs do not allow them to help you hunt bigger animals, if you are on a hunt for rabbits, then these dogs are the best companion.


  • American foxhound


The American foxhound was bred so it could hunt foxes, and they are able to do this task effectively. Although, hunting foxes was seen as the foxhounds “specialty,” if you tell it to hunt down deer, it will make sure it chases it down until it does not catch it. The long legs of this hunting dog allow it to catch prey faster and it makes sure the prey does not get out of their sight.


  • Bloodhound


The name Bloodhound makes these dogs sound like ruthless hunters, and in reality, they really are. Bred to hunt effectively and successfully, these dogs have unparalleled tracking abilities and extremely heightened senses that make them a great breed for hunting.


  • Pointer


Although, it has a thin coat of fur that makes it hard for these dogs to hunt in the cold, northern parts of the world, if you are hunting in the southern areas (where temperatures are usually warmer), Pointers are the ideal dog. Whether you are trying to find birds or small rabbits, this dog will make sure it does not disappoint you.


Now that you know the top hunting dog breeds, make sure you are making the right decision when you are purchasing one. However, keep in mind that you are the owner so you are responsible for the health of your dog. Get the right hunting gear by clicking here.