Gun Dog Outfitter Serving Hunting Dog Enthusiasts

Gun Dog Outfitter Serving Hunting Dog Enthusiasts –  From my work experience and as a lifelong outdoors-man I have experience in evaluating products and services. Products and services marketed by Gun Dog Outfitter will be evaluated from the standpoint “If I would not buy and use it, we won’t sell it” Our goal is not to sell everything under the sun but rather to sell quality, useful products that are in demand.

Gun Dog Outfitter Serving Hunting Dog Enthusiasts

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Labradors – The History

Even though many folks think Labrador Retrievers came from Labrador, Canada, the breed in fact came from Newfoundland in the 1500s. Smaller water dogs were bred to Newfoundlands to develop a breed called the St. John’s Water Dog or Lesser Newfoundland. Mostly acquired by fisherman and trained to endure the frigid waters to bring back fish that had fallen off fishing gear and also retrieve fishing nets to the boat. The fact these new dogs had webbed paws making them superb swimmers and a double layered coat that repelled water and kept them warm led them to be outstanding for the job of aiding the fisherman.

In the early 1800s when they were imported to England. The Earl of Malmesbury had observed the dogs at work and decided to take them to his home in England. In 1830, a British Sportsperson, Colonel Hawker declared the dogs as outstanding prospects for any kind of shooting sports, especially with the retrieval of game involved.

The dogs quickly became popular for all shooting sports and they came to be called “Labrador Dogs”, and the name stuck Before 1903, Labradors were acknowledged by the English Kennel Club. By 1917 their popularity in U.S. had grown to the level that the AKC recognized them as a breed.

Currently the Labrador retriever breed has been number one in popularity on the AKC list of most registered per year for some time.

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Gun Dog Outfitter Serving Hunting Dog Enthusiasts