Garmin Delta e-Collar Review

In this review of the Garmin Delta, we will discuss the features of this e-Collar which is Garmin’s first Tri-Tronics based training collar.

The Garmin Delta provides a range of up to half a mile and 18 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation with both the tone and vibration option. The unit can be expanded to control 3 dogs at a time. The buttons present on the Delta can be aligned to work in one of three modes given below:

Mode 1 – Tone, Vibrate and Momentary

Mode 2 – Tone, Continuous and Momentary

Mode 3 – Vibration, Continuous and Momentary


Garmin Delta Collar Design:

The rechargeable Garmin Delta collar is far smaller than other training collars we so far have seen based on Tri-Tonics. The collar weighs only about 2.4 oz. which is lighter than most such models. These Delta collars are suitable for dogs weighing as little as 8 pounds and yet, at the same time, it is powerful enough to be used on a larger working dogs.

The only drawback of the Garmin Delta is that the contact points are not removable which makes it troublesome for the dogs with thick, long coats.

The collar works for about 70 hours after getting a full charge of 2 hours. The indicator on the collar will switch to yellow when the battery is low and when the battery is full, it will go green.

Garmin Delta Transmitter Design:

Catching on the bandwagon, the Garmin Delta has an LCD screen displaying the stimulation levels of the collar at all times. Some may not like this feature as they are more used-to the dial-and-toggle features. The LCD displays have no shortcomings but can be sometimes difficult to read in bright light conditions. The good part is that the battery life of the transmitter is shown on the screen as well as the button configuration mode the unit is set on.

The Garmin engineers have also removed the intensity dial form the device. So, in order to change the intensity level, you need to click the buttons given on the side of the unit.

You will require some time to get familiar and habitual using the features of the Garmin Delta device. Probably the Garmin engineers are against all movable things and more into stationary options but that doesn’t lesson this system.

As said before, the system can control up to three dogs at a time using additional collars. Besides, a very exciting feature of the Garmin Delta is that it allows you to change the correction mode by clicking the button for mode selection placed on the side of the unit.

Moreover, when training multiple dogs, you can choose to setup various correction modes for each dog. There is a battery life meter on the LCD that consists of 3 bars to display battery levels. You know it’s time to recharge when the unit is down to one bar only.

That’s all about the amazing Garmin Delta. So, what is your decision? If this appears to be the perfect system for your needs, buy it now.