DT Systems Remote Launching Systems

DT Systems Remote Launching Systems DT Systems has been in the business of providing the dog training industry with some of the best tools with which dog owners and trainers alike can get the job done more effectively. Among the long line of products, that the company has successfully launched to cater all the different needs of the industry sits their range of DT Systems Remote Launching Systems. This is the perfect training tool to set up a hunting and retrieving situation when you are using a dummy or when you are using live birds. There are primarily two different launching systems that DT Systems has in their Remote Launching Trainers.

The first one in the DT Systems Remote Launching Systems is the Super Pro Dummy Launcher. These are excellent tools to reinforce the hunting situations by making a sound of the bang that your gun would make in an actual hunting scenario. It will also recreate the marking of a bird by launching a dummy into the sky that your retriever will retrieve for you right after the bang. This emulates the real-life hunting situations. The bang sound is made by .22 caliber blank rounds so that the actual situation afield will see your dog react in the same way.

The second in the DT Systems Remote Launching Systems is the BL Natural Flush Bird Launchers

This is for the trainers that prefer to train their dogs with the live birds that they will be helping you to hunt rather than the dummies. It is quite simply the easiest way to train your hunting companion for the real-life situation you will see while you are hunting. There are two different models for the DT System Remote Launching Systems bird launchers. The 500 model is best suited for small birds like quails and the larger 700 series is best suited for birds like ducks or pheasants.

All the different models that you will find in the DT Systems Remote Launching Systems will provide you a lot of options when it comes to training your working dogs for the hunt. No longer will you have to rely on other people to be able to recreate hunting situations. The DT Systems Remote Launching Systems provide excellent range when it comes to launching the dummies. By purchasing these, you can easily create several different scenarios for your dog and training simulations which will make your dog one of the best hunting dogs around. All you really need to do is set your whole system up and use the controller to start the training session. Even if you are not looking to train the skill in your dogs for the hunt, it is still an excellent way to help your dogs keep up with their fitness requirements.

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