DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400 and 1450

DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer

RAPT 1450

When it comes to the most serious dog trainers looking to train their dogs effectively, there is little else that beats the DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer system (RAPT). With the new design for the 1400 model of their Rapid Access Pro Trainer Dog Trainer unit, they have really outdone themselves. The transmitter has a curved design patented by DT Systems and with good reason. There is nothing else like this revolutionary new design for the dog training transmitter. The curvature makes it very easy for the transmitter to wrap around the back of your hand. What good does that do?

Well, if you really think about it, it can make a lot of difference. The DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400 and 1450 systems will find themselves being used by hunters out afield with their shotguns after a variety of game. Their four-legged hunting partners are going to be there with them to make the hunt a success. Having a dog trainer which can easily wrap around the back of your hand will make a huge difference. During the hunt when you are making use of a RAPT, the main concern is to focus on the transmitter and eventually missing a good shot when it comes out of nowhere. With the patented and curved design of the DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1400 and 1450 models at your disposal, you will no longer have to think either or.

DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer

Waterfowlers have not been forgotten with the RAPT 1440C

The DT Systems Rapid Access Pro Trainer models both utilize the SecureGrip strap. This allows you to free up both hands without having to worry about dropping or losing the transmitter. You can even flip it around and hold it in a pistol like grip when you need it or with a stop watch grip. There are so many ways you can use it and it all depends on the situation and your preference for it.

It gets even better. Each of the Rapid Access Pro Trainer units can connect to and control up to three dogs at the same time.  The range is a more than adequate at ¾ miles and you can rest assured that the signal reception for the transmitter and individual units is consistent. The MAXX Range 360 Technology that DT Systems use in their Rapid Access Pro Trainer makes sure of that.

The rapid access button on the transmitter has three different settings. The standard nick and tone settings are there just like with other dog trainers. Then there is the Vibrate Assist, which makes use of audible vibration stimulation to give the gentle, yet effective nudge your dog will need in a distracting situation. The stimulation levels are adjustable to 16 different levels. You can change the levels with just the touch of a finger with ease. There is no chance of any accidental stimulation because of the Transmitter Lockout feature which you can activate when you know it isn’t going to be needed. The Rapid Access Pro Trainer 1450 comes with an additional feature – the beeper system. It adds to the better functionality of the DT Systems amazing new tool for serious hunting dog owners.

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