The Top 5 Brands for Dog Training Equipment

Good Dogs

18 years into the new millennium, the world of dog training has certainly grown in leaps and bounds. History tells us, the aspect of dogs being man’s best friend is something that we are all very well aware of. They have been at our sides through thick and thin and continue to be our best friends as we go along. With time, better and better practices have come forth to train dogs to be better companions to us. We have consistently improved on the methods that we use to train and domesticate dogs to make them better pets. It only makes sense that with the advancing technology being at our disposal, we apply them to improve our relationships with K-9 partners. There specialty services that we have asked our dogs to do has grown to cover an unbelievable number of areas. To many even begin to list here. That is why there are so many products out there that can help us in training and positively reinforcing better behavior from our K-9 friends.

Here is a look at the very best brands in the dog training equipment industry right now that are taking the whole industry by storm.

DT Systems

DT systems have been in the dog training equipment industry for a long time now. They have been producing equipment of the highest quality that is both effective in performance and resilient. All the products in their manufacturing line are made from the best material that allows them to work in the toughest possible conditions. Durability and reliability has always been a penchant for DT Systems.


A company that has had extensive experience in the world of Global Positioning System technology for decades now really took everybody by surprise when it came on to the scene for dog training equipment. Garmin has been producing some of the best equipment to reinforce good behavior in dogs while you are training them and of course, the ability to track them through Garmin products can be called unparalleled.

E-Collar Technologies

Founded in the 90’s, E-collar Technologies has always found itself in the forefront when it comes to innovative new technologies being introduced to the world of dog training equipment. The years which have passed saw their founder really bring about a revolution in the e-collar industry. This company is one of the few most influential forces which have been able to change the aspect of stimulation to discipline dogs from being an uncomfortable experience for our K-9 pals into something that serves as nothing more than gentle stimulation which is even more effective than the previously used aggressive means.


With over 3 decades of experience in the field, Dogtra has been the epitome in the development of the dog training industry into what it is today. They have left no stone unturned when it comes to working with experts from different industries to improve on the dog training equipment they have to offer. The fact that they have been working very close to professional dog trainers has really paid off when you look at the cutting edge equipment that they have in their manufacturing lines.


One of the newer entries in the list but not the very least is Sportdog. Established in 2003 by the Radio Systems Corporation, Sportdog has become a prominent brand in the dog training industry. Their venture into the sporting dog market seemed like a misguided ambition initially but it is a far cry from what they themselves might have anticipated. They are among the top 5 companies in the industry for a reason. All of the products that hey design have come through their experience in the field itself and that is why they have been making such superior products.



Final Thoughts

We would not categorize any of these top 5 brands as being better than the others. Each of them has brought some innovation of their own into the industry to give it the overall shape that it has. They have made it easier for your dog to be the good boy that he is through their innovations and hard work.