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Dogs and Fireworks


Fireworks can have a devastating effect on dogs. Nothing if anything can mess a dog up faster and it is hard to fix once it happens. Prevention is the key to keeping your dog from becoming overly sensitive to noise.

  • Take your dog inside in advance of the fireworks.
  • Keep them as far as possible from the fireworks.
  • It’s best to take them to an interior room and turn on the TV or stereo.
  • Lower the blinds.
  • Stay with them during the loud noises.
  • If you can’t stay with them and they are kennel trained put them a secluded interior room in their kennel and put a blanket over it.
  • Don’t be fooled that if your dog is not overly sensitive to thunder storms that will transfer to fireworks, it may not. Don’t take a chance.
  • The fear that fireworks can create can lead to injury as well a gun shy hunter or noise sensitive dog so take special care when comes to fireworks – They are worth it!

From Gun Dog Outfitter have a great 4th of July!