The Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System has been part of the dog training industry long enough to gain a solid foothold. In addition, it has become the leader in combination tracking and training products available. As a result of over four decades of Tri Tronics development it has a huge following in the hunting dog world. However, the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System is not for all types of hunting dog endeavors. For instance, upland hunting or water fowling participants usually look to other Garmin products for their needs.

Presently, any hunting using multiple dogs is the stronghold of the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System users. See hounds here. In addition, it is amazing to see the level of sophistication brought to handling of these types of hunting dogs.

The Garmin Astro series offers products with an advanced tracking system. While the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System adds the advantage of e-collar functions as well. Tracking and training all in the same product makes this an invaluable tool to dog handlers.

  • No more out of control jackrabbit or deer chasing
  • No more out of control bickering in the pack
  • If the dogs are within 9 miles, you have control
  • Plus, all the tracking features of a Garmin Astro System


  • Tracks up to 20 dogs
  • Range 9 miles, mini 4 miles
  • Sun and moon information
  • Touch screen
  • Compass
  • Can use custom maps
  • Topographic preloaded maps
  • Basemap
  • Water roof
  • Plus, much more

With the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System, you will know the exact location of your dogs. Plus, you will know when a dog is “Treed” or “On Point”. With the Birdseye Satellite imagery option even more features are available. Such as an impressive view of the terrain including woods, fields, and roads.

In addition, the optional Garmin Drive Track 71 Navigator dog tracker and GPS give you a big screen for easier viewing. The 7-inch display map show location of dogs as well as map features.

Take charge of your next adventure with BaseCamp, software that lets you view and organize maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks. Or, load your laptop with BaseStation software to turn it into a field control center for tracking.

Although the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System is loaded with positives. With that being the case, we will mention the few cons we noticed.

  • Unlocked screen is sensitive and can be triggered in brush or in your pocket.
  • This one depends, you were not born knowing how to operate the Alpha. You will need to spend time learning to be proficient.
  • Not for those with a barebones budget.
  • The screen is easier to read in sunlight that in shade. Although, the reverse would be a bigger problem, I think.
  • The Garmin Tri Tronics PRO 550 Plus would be a better choice for bird hunters.


The bottom line is the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System can be a fantastic tool for those it is suitable for and have learned to use it. It will add lots pleasure to your hunting adventures and will make both the dogs and you better.

Gun Dog Outfitter sees nothing on the market today to compare it to. So take a look at more details here. and then think about adding the Garmin Alpha Bundle Training System to your dog training gear.