A series of products for dog trainers who want to allow their dogs a little more room to roam around. Here is a look at the E-Collar Technologies Educator Series.

An excellent series of products for dog trainers who want to allow their dogs a little more room to roam around, here is a look at the E-Collar Technologies Educator Series.

With a low to a medium power system for dogs weighing in at over 5 pounds. And a range of 1/2 miles to a mile. The E-Collar Technologies Educator Series boasts products that dog trainers can use easily to train their dogs well.

There are several different models of Educator Series collars. Including the ET-300, the ET-400, and the ET-800 series. The ET-300, delivers the right amount of static stimulation to the dog to get things back in order, however it lacks the range of ¾ miles that the ET-400 from the Educator Series has. In addition the ET-800 from the has a range of 1 mile. Along with a little added juice to the static stimulation for the dogs with tougher attitude.

The Educator Series by E-Collar Technologies is one of the best selection of products when it comes to the safety and security. For the dog and the trainer alike. This is because of versatility. There is a lot more room for the dog to roam around, especially when the ET-400 and the ET-800 models from the Educator Series are being used. But they offer more. They can be safely and completely submerged in water, so you do not need to worry about your dog when they want to go out and play in the rain.

Night tracking lights also come with the Educator Series. All the models from the Educator Series come with night tracking lights, allowing locating your pets even in the dark.  There is also the “boost” feature in the Educator Series as well, used only in the most distracting of circumstances for the dog. It is quickly able to get the attention of your dog, commanding compliance when it is necessary.

The remote transmitters designed for the Educator Series by E-Collar Technologies come with some of the most comfortable ergonomic designs. This places all the buttons on the remote transmitter for the collar right at your fingertips. That means you do not have to worry about looking away from your dog at the remote while you are training your K-9.

There are several convenient features built into the Educator Series by E-Collar Technologies. For instance, they are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to wear for dogs of all sizes.

It does not matter what breed your dog is, there is a collar in the Educator Series that will perfectly suit him. The Lithium Polymer batteries offer quick recharge, within 2 hours and they last for an extended time. If the battery on the dog’s collar from the Educator Series is running low, a low battery indicator on both the collar itself and the remote transmitter engage.

The collars are made from the quality materials so that your dogs are not in any discomfort even when they are wearing the collar for longer periods of time.

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