E-Collar Technologies Dog Training Collars

Gun Dog Outfitter is now a Direct Dealer for E-Collar Technologies Dog Training Collars.

E-Collar Technologies Dog Training Collars is a leader in Safe & Humane Remote Dog Trainers.

Developing remote dog training collar technology that uses the lowest-levels of corrective stimulus to improve behavior and reduce stress in dogs has long been the stand with E-Collar Technologies Dog Training Collars .

E-Collar Technologies is a group of accomplished dog training e-collar people with over 100 years of cumulative experience designing and manufacturing e-collars, hunting dog training collars, and dog training collars. The result is the E-Collar Technologies Dog Training Collars which are the most reliable and advanced e-collars available in the world. Every e-collar training collar manufactured by E-Collar Technologies is built to the highest standards of quality and tested to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. We fully assemble each training collar and test all our products in the USA.

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The E-Collar Team are the innovators of the use of low level stimulation training collar to achieve superior training results without undue stress on the dog. The proprietary stimulation utilized is “blunt” not “sharp” which provides less stress on the dog while still providing sufficient incentive for the dog to comply with your training collar remote command. Our large dog e-collars provide the highest and cleanest stimulation available to control the most stubborn and resistant dogs. E-Collar Technologies have the most reliable and fastest wireless link in the industry, when you push a button on an E-Collar Technologies Dog Training Collars, the training collar responds instantly-only trust the best.