Dogtra 2700 T&B Training and Beeper Series E-collar has no match.

Designed specifically for the purpose of facilitating upland hunting, it has no match available today. Outstanding control and locating features of the 2700 T&B provides high level performance. And with a one-mile range it is unlike others. You should get your hands on one of these before they go out of stock. They are flying off the proverbial shelves.

There is no beating the Dogtra 2700 T&B Train and Track — the ultimate Dog remote training tool designed for Upland hunting.

Tracking your dog through the beeper does not get better when you are on a hunt for long range birds.

The DOGTRA 2700 T&B Training and Beeper allows you to track your flusher or pointer in a unique manner. There is a series of beeps that offer you three different modes. The point only mode, the run/point mode, and the locate mode. The 2700 T&B comes equipped with the latest in accelerometer technology. The sensor is quite sophisticated for its time. Allowing the Trainer and Beeper to give you a very accurate tracking ability. You can track, monitor, and detect your dog for the one-mile range. No worrying about the direction because it is never wrong. The 127 Nick/ Constant stimulation makes it possible for you to control the levels of stimulation for your dog accurately. Without causing undo harm to your dog.

No reason for concern about the performance and quality of the product. Dogtra has been providing some of the foremost dog tracking and training products for a while now. They have made sure that this Trainer and Beeper is not just accurate but durable and safe as well. It can function more than adequately in the toughest of situations. You can rest assured that your dog can venture far and wide to provide you a good hunt. No fear of the tracker failing you.

A lot of the times the concern with tracker systems on the collar is the bulkiness of the devices. Which makes it less comfortable for the dog in the field, doing their job. Dogtra understands and unlike its competitors, designed the 2700 T&B series so that this is no longer a problem. The single-body beeper which faces downwards is a design feature unique to the 2700 T&B. Your dog will no longer be likely getting caught in obstacles. Such as branches and fences while on the move. The new High-Performance Pager is a state-of-the-art vibration system. The system delivers the vibration to your dog without a hitch , even from 1 mile away. Enhanced contact points on the e-collar ensure the accurate delivery of the stimulus whenever it is required.

Have two dogs? Then the Dogtra 2702 T&B Training and Beeper is just the ticket. Same controls for two dogs.

For more information about this great product by Dogtra, feel free to contact us at any time. We would be more than happy to oblige. Make sure you do not take too long getting one of these though.

DOGTRA 2700 T&B Training and Beeper is becoming very popular with dog trainers and owners.

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