3 Mistakes to Avoid while Training Your Gun Dog

Your hunting partner is as good as you train it to be!

You can eventually see it in your dog’s behavior in the field. If it gets your message well and acts accordingly then you have nothing to worry about. However, too many missed assignments are never a good.  

When you are training your dog, make sure you don’t make many mistakes. You will end up confusing your dog to the point it won’t get your message at all.

Let’s have a look at some of the mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.


  • Keeping the Reins Too Loose Too Frequently


A hunting dog has to keep it coordination with you. The only way it can do that is when you and your dog have established a firm relationship. You may think that letting your dog walk in front of you to wander about on its own is an act of giving it a little bit of freedom. However, in this way your dog will get used to neglecting your presence altogether.

Later on, during a hunt, you won’t be able to draw its attention towards yourself.


  • Treating Every Dog the Same Way


Just like humans, dogs too have distinctive personalities. There is just no denying that. When you are training multiple hunting dogs or you have recently had a new one, then you need to remember this

All dogs answer to training techniques that suit them. You simply can’t apply the same training to all the dogs. It is just not possible. If you force all dogs to answer the same way then you may have to deal with a disobedient difficult partner.


  • Signal the Stop Sign Only with a Whistle


Some dogs just don’t respond to stop whistles as easily as others do. It is not your dog’s fault. Some dogs are just more receptive than others. However, initially, you have to make sure that you are in sight of your dog to ensure that they respond to your whistle.

Just hearing the sound doesn’t make a clear enough command. They have to see your accompanying gestures with it. Later on, once your dog has had enough practice then you can blow the whistle even when you’re out of its sight. It will respond to you.

Also, make sure that the whistle you are using is of high-quality to make your dog answer to it. We have the perfect training whistle for you. Check it out on our website!  

Your gun dog does 50% of the work in the field with you. If you make too many errors while training it, you will barely be able to enjoy the thrilling sport of hunting. You will just be looking out for your dog throughout. You can stop that from ever being the case by using the right equipment for training your dog.

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