Simply a Wonderful Dog Training Aid

Every dog owner that has dealt with teaching their dog(s) to do certain actions as they, the owner wants them to do. And when do it. Some dog owners do not get much further then getting the dog to come when called, sometimes and that is pretty much it. We all have seen them; they are the dogs that keep people from coming to visit. Then there is the novice trainer that either is not willing to put in a lot of time or cannot because of life conflicts. Yet usually they do a reasonably good job of the basics; come, sit, down, sometimes heal etc. producing a dog that is tolerable if not very good. Then there are the serious trainers from amateur to professional. Training dogs are excellent to fantastic in the field and decent canine citizens to outstanding canine citizens. Except for our first trainer example, virtually all the various types and levels of trainers use a lead, leash, rope in most if not training processes. The Command Lead, also known as the Wonder Lead and even the EZ Lead is the best and most useful product we at Gun Dog Outfitter have seen for dog training. Especially basic and some advanced training objectives of bird dog owners, pet owners and professional trainers. It can be a great educator of dogs and owners alike.

The Command Lead material and how it is used make it possible to apply pressure and how to stop the pressure. The pressure comes from the physical structure of the Command Lead and the place around the dog’s neck at the base of their skull. For instance, if training a dog to heal, initially when the lead is placed around their neck the dog will want to go forward to do his own thing. When the Command Lead is used to provide pressure because of where the pressure is taking place it is very effective in causing reconsideration of going off wherever the dog wants. The pressure is not painful but is something the dog can do without. A typical rope lead attached to a dog collar many times results in the dog pulling the handler around, the pressure is not sufficient nor correct to affect to cause the dog to comply. In fact, the more the dog pulls and gets away with it the harder he may pull.

Dogs are smart, many times very smart. If involved in the training process, if done well they quickly learn that there are things they like and dislike about this training stuff. They also learn there are things they really like too. Retrieving dummies, hunting, retrieving game, swimming and a big one most eventually get to, pleasing their pack leader (you). Yes, once a dog accepts you as their pack leader and source of everything not much gives them more pleasure than pleasing their pack leader. In case of Labradors, right behind this would be food, of any kind.

Drills with the Command Lead will provide success in a couple weeks with repeating the drill a few times each day. Done correctly, the results can be amazing! Click on this link to go to an outstanding article entitled “Training with the Command Lead”.

We also recommend using leather gloves with the Command Lead, they can be found at Gun Dog Outfitter at the following link – Gun Dog Outfitter Leather Training Gloves.

For information using the Gun Dog Outfitter Command Lead go to this link: Training with the Command Lead.