The Features, Drawbacks, and Suitability of the Garmin SportPRO e-Collar

A Garmin SportPRO e-Collar comes with a SportPRO handheld transmitter/remote, dog device/receiver, 3/4-inch black collar strap, an AC adapter, a split adapter cable, charging clip, contact point sets with a wrench, and a manual.

Garmin Tri Tronics SportPRO

Here are the features and drawbacks of the Garmin SportPRO e-Collar and along with the suitability.


  • A handheld transmitter remote and collar receiver system
  • A ¾ mile or 1320 yards range of the transmitter
  • Usable for both training and hunting
  • Provides 3 options for training including static stimulation (shock), vibration (buzz), and tone (sound)
  • You can choose between continuous or momentary static stimulation
  • There are 10 different levels of static stimulation on the dial
  • On a single transmitter, up to 3 dogs can be trained but with the purchase of additional collar devices that you will have to purchase these additional collars separately
  • There is a BarkLimiter™ with the collar device for bark training and the BarkLimiter has different levels
  • There are four buttons on the transmitter to control the static, tone, and vibration functions
  • There are both long and short contact points to cater to the dogs with long and short hair
  • There is a toggle switch on the transmitter to enable toggling between dogs
  • There are LED beacon lights on the collar device that can be controlled from the transmitter. You can activate them when it’s dark to view your dog from a distance of up to 100 yards.
  • The SportPro handheld transmitter is water-rated to IPX7 and floats
  • The dog device is water-rated to 1 ATM or 10 meters
  • Both the transmitter and the collar device use lithium-ion batteries with a battery life of up to 60 hours
  • There are low battery indicators on both the devices
  • The collar strap fits most small to large dogs with a strap that is about 27 inches long


  • No lanyard
  • No belt clip
  • Varying variations of stimulant levels from top to bottom
  • The Garmin SportPRO e-Collar may not fit all the needs of a competitive field trial training.
  • The product is a bit overpriced because there are other options available in the market offering more features for the same price.
Garmin SportPRO


The Garmin SportPRO Is Best-Suited For:

    • People who are looking for a good training collar
    • Those looking for a collar with static, tone, and vibration options
    • Those in search of a 2 in 1 training collar and an anti-bark collar
    • Those in the hunt for a collar to fit their small to large sized dogs
    • People in search of a training remote that can control up to 3 dogs

It is Not Suitable For: