Train Your Dog Like A Pro with DOGTRA Edge Series

Train Your Dog Like A Pro with DOGTRA Edge Series Have you ever done skydiving? Do you just jump out of a plane for that? The answer is no! Anyone who has enjoyed the thrill of this exhilarating sport would tell you that about a hundred things that need to be in place before that jump. That’s the deal with all exciting sports out there!

You have to prepare and train before you can fully enjoy them.

Hunting with your dog is no different. Before you can take Fido to the field and expect a successful outing, it is your responsibility to train or employ a professional trainer to train them.

Modern hunting dogs are bred to come with instincts that are vital in there use in the field, but there is a lot of fine tuning and learning that must take place before you have field dog you can be proud of—– Quality Training is the only way.

The Dogtra EDGE Expandable Remote Dog Training Collar is a fully customizable and expandable e-collar designed for professionals and serious amateurs alike..

Let’s a take a look at exactly what it offers for your dog as a whole package!

Top Features of DOGTRA Edge Series

Train Your Dog Like A Pro with DOGTRA Edge Series You can train up to four dogs with it at the same time.

It covers a range of 1 mile.

Its batteries can be fully re-charged in just 2 hours.

You get a waterproof transmitter, receiver and high intensity LED lights with DOGTRA Edge Series. In addition, the LED lights can help you find your dog in the darkest environments!

The waterproof LED and LCD screen prompt you when either of them runs out of charge. The gear includes a dual charging system that allows you to charge both devices simultaneously. You never have to fear running out of light in the middle of a hunt!

DOGTRA Edge Series comes with rheostat intensity dial with 127 levels of stimulation. You can use it interchangeably with Selector Step intensity dial with 8 levels of stimulation. With both of these options, you can set the exact level of stimulation that your dog needs for training.

DOGTRA Edge Series’ training equipment package includes a vibration pager that you can use when there is no need for stimulation. The collar has different stimulation mode types known as Nick and Constant. In the Nick mode, your dog is stimulated for half a second after you release the button. In Constant mode, stimulation continues as long as you press and hold the button, up to a maximum of 12 seconds.

It comes with a carrying case that adds ease of traveling to your hunting trip.

When taking your dog in the field, you are responsible for its training needs. Whether you are a professional dog trainer or a serious amateur, you need the best gear for training your dog. Gun Dog Outfitter offers cost-effective and durable equipment to meet all your hunting dog needs.

Visit our website today to order the e-collar that will transform your pup into a complete, well-trained hunting dog.