Try the DOGTRA ARC Series for Maximum Comfort!

Try the DOGTRA ARC Series for Maximum Comfort Buying gloves is selective, a specific glove does not fit all conditions they will used in. If your buying gloves you look for the pair that works for you specifically and the job you want them to do. It is like that for almost everything we purchase, dog training collars are no different.

An e-collar must fit the training done, the likes of the trainer and specifically the individual dog.

The Dogtra ARC Remote Dog Training Collar offers low to medium output with precise stimulation levels ranging from 0-127. It is perfect for all breeds with medium to soft temperaments.

Let’s look at some of the features of DOGTRA ARC Series that make it the first choice of many gun dog owners!

Prominent Features of DOGTRA ARC Series

You can use this collar for any breed that you have. There’s no need to buy different collars for all your dogs. You can train them all with this one. It gives low to medium output. Its stimulation levels range between 0-127. Whether you have a dog with a soft temperament or a medium one, DOGTRA ARC Series will be perfect for them.

You can even get a second collar as an added accessory to this product. You can train and control a second dog simultaneously with the extra collar. It works due to the advanced receiver concept unit.

Both the collars are designed to fit around any dog’s neck comfortably. The transmitter of the collar has a checkered grip. You can maintain firm hold on the transmitter due to its design.

You get a separate transmitter and receiver collar with the second collar when you buy one DOGTRA ARC Series collar.

Try the DOGTRA ARC Series for Maximum Comfort Additional Accessories with the DOGTRA ARC Series

You get a non-stimulating pager that vibrates as well as providing ‘Nick’ and ‘Constant’ stimulation.

The transmitter has a rheostat/volume dial with up to 127 levels. You can change the stimulation intensity as the training of your dog progresses. It is recommended to keep it low during the initial few days of training.

It comes with an LCD screen that shows the accurate level of stimulation as well as the icon for battery life.

The transmitter and receiver are completely waterproof. Your equipment will not suffer any type of damage, whether it rains hard.

It stimulates your dog between low to medium range.

You can use it with convenience within a range of ¾ miles.

It has lithium polymer batteries which can be re-charged within 2 hours.

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